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26. INFJ. History major. Anthropology minor. Proud Colorado native. House Stark. Ravenclaw. Jedi. Hobbit.

I spent two weeks in Egypt and I will brag about this at any opportune moment. I left a part of my heart in Egypt and it will stay there forever.

I'm super nerdy and love ALL kinds of movies. THIS IS DEFINITELY A MULTI-FANDOM BLOG. I post whatever I like/want to post. And it's all awesome. What I will usually reblog:

1. Tom Hiddleston
2. Marvel/The Avengers/MCU
3. Star Wars
4. Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit/Tolkien
5. Game of Thrones

I also reblog: BBC's Sherlock, Supernatural, Harry Potter, DC/Batman, nature, dogs, music, things that pertain to my wanderlust, and various other things. (Check out the "What I Post" section) I just really like a lot of things.

I can go through random spams but my interests are varied and I tag everything. Tumblr Savior is your friend. This blog is NOT spoiler free but I do tag spoilers until a certain amount of time.


Jared: I loved when you had to fight the fairies.  [x]

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The truth is… I am  I r o n   M a n

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Weeks 1 - 5 of Ice Cream Sundays on The Inked Vegan

For all the recipes, click HERE

just had some chocolate for dessert. nom.


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"I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days, before you’ve actually left them."



 This shits epic.

CASTIEL`S WINGS THOUGH ON THE WALLS- usually hes our good natured angel, but that ‘in your face’ whipping out the feathers is kinda attractive like-DAYUM

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Album: Hocus Pocus
Track: I Put a Spell on You




So in honor of it FINALLY being october 

(no idea where the gifs came from tell me and ill happily add credit)



if i ever don’t reblog this please call 911 as i’m very likely dead

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